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Leading up to the Rio Olympics, swimmers Michael Phelps, Allison Schmitt, Amanda Beard, and gymnast Mc Kayla Maroney explained that they all suffered dark times after going for the gold.A spotlight was put on this due to a 2012 memoir from Olympic swimmer Amanda Beard.She had won the Miss Westlake Village title in 2007 and had also contested for the Miss California title.She was not the Miss California of 2007 but did manage to get into the last few rounds.

So Shanteau decided to continue with his pursuit of a spot on the U. Read more about the remarkable 24-year-old swimmer.

"But besides that, Nicole and I are so similar, so I was like, 'Honey, do you like it?

' There were smaller things where she would ask [like] if I liked this flower or that flower, and I was like, 'Yes, no, yes, no' and she would take it from there.

I think he kind of sucked on the bag a little bit while he was standing up there!

"Michael said he was the "most relaxed" person in the room as he watched his wife walk down the aisle, and though he didn't have a whole lot of involvement in the planning aspect of the nuptials, he did have his hand in one "I had a lot of input on the food," he said.

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But other than that, it was all her."They both agreed that one of their favorite things from the evening was when everyone entered the cocktail hour."We had mariachi music going and you were greeted by a mini taco and a shot of tequila, or a mini bottle of Corona," Nicole divulged.