American texas intergenerational dating

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American texas intergenerational dating

Editor's Note: Gabriel Rosenberg is an assistant professor at Duke University and author of “The 4-H Harvest: Sexuality and the State in Rural America.” This article originally appeared in The Boston Globe Family farms are central to American political mythology.

Smiling, attractive families working the land and tending animals are a staple of campaign commercials and stump speeches.

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Given the inhuman scale of ecological crises like climate change and food insecurity, family farming offers a seductive mythology, anchored in a fantasy of permanence and human scale.

But it’s a mythology all the same, and one largely disconnected from the history of rural family life in America.

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Rural family life enjoys exceptional deference and celebration, fetishization even.

Our collective political mythology portrays the family farm as a form of reproduction that is authentic, healthy, and sustainable — the way we lived before modernity, urbanization, and industrialization corrupted both family life and farmland.

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The truth is that life on farms from the Atlantic Seaboard to California bore little resemblance to the nostalgic ideal suggested by contemporary imaginings of the family farm.

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