Chen bo lin dating

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Chen bo lin dating

A distance widens between them even though, as the biggest names on the show, they get to go for an extravagant couple’s holiday to Finland.

To find out what happened to their ‘relationship’, catch We Are In Love on Jiangsu Satellite Channel (Singtel TV Channel 512) on Sundays at 8.20pm.

Chemistry is one of the great mysteries of human relations, after all, and the stunt casting here – the pairing of funny South Korean girl Ji Hyo with gentle Taiwanese guy Bo-lin, for instance – feels like a crazy experiment to examine the matter.

It is so crazy that you want to watch the stars under a microscope and catch love growing between them, or not.

The bond is further strengthened by their complementary personalities and work ethics.

Song Ji Hyo (Running Man) and Chen Bo-lin (In Time With You, 2011) are faking it in a new Chinese dating show We Are In Love, which pulls off the trick of being extremely fake and yet real enough.This year, he has had the rare chance to regain his own identity onscreen, albeit in a pretend romance with South Korean actress Song Ji Hyo in Chinese celebrity dating show We Are In Love."My Wife is Having an Affair this Week" star Song Ji Hyo recently shared her thoughts on balancing her career as an actress and dating.Song, 34, and Chen, 32, go on a cutesy, stagey blind date – which starts with them being separated by a partition in an old-fashioned Korean house and exchanging gifts through a hole – and it’s the most promising part of the first episode.Although Song and Chen seem to have a romcom-worthy spark in their early encounters, it fizzles out, possibly because they don’t really speak each other’s language and have interpreters whispering in their ears all the time.

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"After talking about the movie concept, we ended up chatting about other topics - our favourite movies, actors and haunts.