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I mean, what’s not to like about a battle-axe-shaped guitar like the Breadwinner and Deacon?!Or those nifty Ultra Kaman UK IIs with an aluminum frame and urethane foam body (finished up in really ugly sunbursts)!I’m always blown away by how good the synthetic materials sound when you just don’t expect them to compare to traditional timbers.I confess Ovation’s choice of aesthetics has often been baffling, but some of that is attributable to the times in which they emerged.All of the above certainly applies to Ovation’s Quixotic attempts to break open the solidbody guitar and bass market.So naturally I’ve always been attracted to Ovation’s solids.As you’d expect, the workmanship was always first rate on those guitars.Unfortunately, I was one of the very few who ever liked Ovation solidbodies, because they were notoriously bad sellers. Robinson liked them too because he’s got a couple of Ovation inspirations in his line offered here, the Eastwood GP and Breadwinner models.

This page is a tribute to my all-time favorite guitar.

Ovation solidbodies never seem to get any respect, and this one got even less than most other Ovation electrics until very, very recently.

The current demand for this model only underscores the irony and makes it the exception that proves the rule. For over 20 years, I have seen nothing but ignorance and apathy towards the GP, and now all of a sudden everybody wants one.

Homme owns several of these guitars in addition to his original black one, and relies on them for his signature sound.

Consequently, all his fans are going crazy trying to find a guitar like Homme's.

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We’ll use – 05034148 The first 2 digits represent the year that the guitar was built. Godin’s year runs from August 1 digit represents the day of the week that the guitar was built, starting from Monday.

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