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The scene: On the list of #Robert De Niro 's finest performances, let's just say this sex scene doesn't quite get an entry.Regardless, in the hilarity stakes, this ranks quite high, with #Aubrey Plaza playing a woman who has a "fondness" for older men.Actors/actresses will often than their doubles in these scenes during the commentary. Mortiss, as I recall reading, the scene with Alec Baldwin/Kim Basinger in The Getaway was authentic.There's a scene with Ewan Mc Gregor in The Pillow Book that I'd be surprised to learn wasn't real sex. The conditions to which the actors agreed were something like 1) low lights, and 2) only one cameraman in the room - no other crew. It's hard to imagine how it could have been anything else. I would like some help identifying a TV show (or possibly a movie) that I saw when I was between five and ten (that makes it between 15 and 20 year ago).

There has been a lot of flesh on show on the big screen over recent times.She was eventually saved and I remember whipping sounds so that could have involved a whip.I also remember that sex may have been part of the plot (one of the opening line was something about sex discoveries/stuff, and the girl was in suggestive outfit) but it was not too hardcore because it didn't seem to bother the other adults watching this with me that a child could watch it.While Fifty Shades of Grey parodies are nothing new, we've yet to see a full-length feature film parody.But all that's about to change thanks to Marlon Wayans, who just announced that he is co-writing and starring in Fifty Shades of Black.

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Jennifer Aniston mentioned a lot of "carefully placed padding" during her sex scenes in "The Good Girl".

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