Perl updating zone files

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fileage is the answer to the above question, while dataage prints the same for the contents of a file as that's the answer I was looking for I'm sure these will both be useful.

Is there a utility or command that will allow me to replace all occurrences of a string within all files in a directory?

The answer to your question is: Convert them to the same format.

I suggest converting "Today, December 29, 2008" to a timestamp (number of (milli)seconds since epoch).

Then it is a simple compare of two numbers I know this is an old thread but I'm posting a reply anyway.

The problem is I have to handle characters like ", ' or \ that "disturb" PHP.)"; my @buf = ; close($FH); my @lines = grep (/$string1/, @buf); #grepping for @lines; #removing quotation marks map @lines; #removing semicolon #map @lines; #removing file db.Each Zone is then represented by a Net:: DNS:: Zone Parse:: Zone object. Returns the Net:: DNS:: Zone Parse:: Zone object for the given domain.If there where no corresponding zonefile found, an empty Object will be returned.

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