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Unlimited mimosas are , which is reason enough to bring a date (especially of the last-night-went-better-than-expected variety), but the nice people at j’eatjet will also sell you a waffleburger. You can pretend to be cooler than you are while saving money, a pleasant rarity in New York: Champagne, Flamingo Tacos [insert obligatory “no flamingos were harmed in the making... Jess Novak will totally give you Brooklyn neighborhood-specific suggestions for dates.

But could our differences ever ignite a second civil war?From intimate cocktail haunts, to bars with actually fun games, to burlesque shows, these are the best dates spots in 26 New York City neighborhoods. You can reenact it here, hopefully with fewer surprising revelations!This place makes for a great first date if you want to avoid all of the so-where-did-you-grow-up questions in favor of getting competitive over bar games.Often she can ferret out the hopeless by their subject lines alone. “When they start [their messages] with ‘Baby’ or ‘Honey’ — never mind!

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“We’re clearly obsessed with the young and beautiful in NYC, but maybe it’s really the ultra-hipster, youth-oriented culture in Brooklyn [that’s to blame],” said AYI spokeswoman Joanna Barber.