Signing and dating legal documents

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Signing and dating legal documents

Each party has his own interests to protect and cannot be objective.

A party (or parties) should find credible, reliable witnesses to authenticate the signatures and date. "Uninterested Objective Party" Legal documents can be statements by one party (affidavits) or more complicated agreements between two parties (contracts). The ideal legal document would have each page time-stamped with the signature and date of both parties; but most agreements have plenty of pages in-between the first and last page.In many states, you must also record the dated dates of the documents in your notary journal. What if the dated pre-dates of the documents are later than your signing date?All Jurats and Acknowledgments must be dated the day that the parties are appearing before you … The Secretary of State of California and the National Notary Association have both stated very clearly that it is not illegal to notarize a document prior to its pre-dated date.However, it is not critical that a signature actually be written by hand for it to be legally valid.It may, for example, be typewritten, engraved, or stamped.

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As a Notary Public you are, in addition to other duties, responsible for the documents completeness, the borrower’s competency, identity, and that they appear before you on the date as shown on your Jurats or Acknowledgments.

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