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We are currently looking for a fantastically cool speed dating venue in Grimsby , so if you know somewhere please let us know and we will give you and your friends free places at our launch event in Grimsby .We are looking for speed dating event hosts in Grimsby.

Mingle2is a 100% free service where busy professionals are finding attractive singles in Grimsby.

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A nice old picture of a lady riding a 1922 211cc two stroke New Hudson. Relatives of the lady would be very interested if anyone has any information about the rider or the whereabouts of the machine. The lady owner and rider is known to have lived in a house in Bargate in Grimsby, but her name is not known.

From the condition of the machine and the way the lady is dressed the photograph would be from the early 1920's A fine picture of a young man called James Winch from Essex in 1914/15. This 1914 machine is a very early product as it uses petroil mixture in the tank and does not have the metered oiling system of all other known 211cc New Hudson's.

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If you struggling to find time to date, would like to meet some single people in Grimsby or just looking for an evening of fun& Then speed dating is for you!

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