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The Geneva Bible used "tenne commandements", which was followed by the Bishops' Bible and the Authorized Version (the "King James" version) as "ten commandments".

Most major English versions use "commandments."‎, Luchot Ha Brit, meaning "the tablets of the covenant".

Norway plans to build the world's first tunnel for ships.

A 5,610-feet passageway burrowed through a piece of rocky peninsula will allow vessels to avoid a treacherous part of sea.

The report said that he or she was 'by far the exception from the majority of model aircraft operators who were invariably responsible in their activities.'It listed the near miss on October 17 last year as a Category B incident, meaning that the safety of the Chinook 'may have been compromised'.

Combined with heavy advertising and the ability to know interact and move around online like a more traditional MMORPG should spell success. The game has grown to 600,000 users and million in annual revenue according to Chief Executive Officer Brian Shuster. Google Lively has closed its doors and as such must move to the bottom of the list.

The biblical narrative of the revelation at Sinai begins in Exodus 19 after the arrival of the children of Israel at Mount Sinai (also called Horeb).

On the morning of the third day of their encampment, "there were thunders and lightnings, and a thick cloud upon the mount, and the voice of the trumpet exceeding loud", and the people assembled at the base of the mount.

since the start of last season, Hernandez has made 20 outs on the basepaths, many of them quite avoidable.

Yet consider this: Even if you were to take all 20 of those outs that Hernandez made after reaching base and instead pretend that he never reached base to begin with, i.e., that he made an out at the plate instead, he would still have an on-base percentage 30 points higher than any Phillie other than Odubel Herrera.

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Point being, his baserunning blunders have not come close to canceling out his base-reaching prowess, and the Phillies have been better served by Hernandez’s combination of rates than any other player other than Herrera.

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