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Go to Microsoft website to download and then install, even if your Installed History already shows this update.Next you should restart and finally you can check for updates in manual mode. Comment posted by: Chooky CMT Windows Update Hanging When Downloading April 12 Patches (Scroll down the Comments section until you find a posting by Chooky.) Hopefully it will help some people avoid hours or days of frustration or drastic, complicated but unnecessary troubleshooting steps. I had kept my system on update for the whole night.For more information see the Code of Conduct FAQ or contact [email protected] any additional questions or comments.Please check out common DSC Resources contributing guidelines.hi, windows 7 never seems to complete the update check. i tried the fix and the reset listed here: windows 7 update stuck at checking for updates - Tech Support Forum nothing has worked so far, please help.

master: dev: The x Windows Update module contains the x Hotfix and x Microsoft Update DSC resources.Had the same problem after restoring my computer to factory state Windows 7 Home Premium.Worked for several days to get it fixed, to no avail until today. The function returns TRUE on success and FALSE on failure. ('excerpt' missing) Sharing Level: Unilateral Technique Origin: In-house (Uses COM object for the Windows Update Agent).*/ static BOOL Get Update List(PUPDATE_LIST_WSUS &p List); /* This function clears/frees all the data in an UPDATE_ENTRY_WSUS linked list */ static BOOL Free Update List(PUPDATE_LIST_WSUS &p List); p List [in/out]: A pointer to a linked list of update KB Article IDs that are installed on the system. Notes: //KB2817301 WCHAR wc KB[] = L"2817301"; //Get the list of updates on the machine PUPDATE_LIST_WSUS p List; BOOL b Ret = MISCEnumerate Updates COM_WSUS:: Get Update List(p List); //print KBs and find match BOOL b Found Match = FALSE; PUPDATE_ENTRY_WSUS p Node = p List; while (p Node !

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I read the post on manually d/l Vista kernel updates & installing 1st, then running update - not tried it yet. But, the update hanging problem only affects my 32 bit CPU, 32 bit OS Vista laptop - not my Vista x-64, Quad core machine.

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