Vray updating

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Vray updating

Recently, I’ve been pleased to find more interest in using Revit for interior design with a number of people mentioning to me both in person and on twitter that they want to know more about the benefits of Revit for interiors.

So I thought it might be time to write a blog post (which has turned into 2 parts) on the main benefits of using Revit, as well as tips for optimising Revit for interior design teams.

For me, Revit has always offered significant benefits to my projects, ever since I made the decision my team would move away from 2D CAD packages and into Revit for all projects back in 2007. I doesn’t matter how big or how small a project, or if there are existing drawings in a 2D CAD format, or even if my new design team doesn’t yet know Revit – all the projects I have lead and worked on for the last 7 years have been primarily designed and documented in Revit.Offering an alternative to ZBrush's powerful BPR powerful rendering engine, you can now seamlessly use the ZBrush to Key Shot Bridge1 plugin to transfer your models from ZBrush to Key Shot with a single mouse click.One advantage is that Key Shot can become a second screen for ZBrush, with your render continuing to refine and improve itself even while you are working on new elements or other projects!Sketch Up is also now much better at displaying multiple transparencies to provide a more realistic sense of depth across several see-through faces.And for good measure, we’ve added the ability to fine-tune the opacity level in X-ray mode. Tables behave just like other spreadsheets: edit text, style cells, modify columns and rows… Lay Out references your original spreadsheet, so updating every Table in your document is as simple as… Learn more about Tables We’ve added an oft-requested ‘Color-by-Layer’ option to CAD exports, so all entities on a given layer may export as one color.

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As with ZBrush, Key Shot relies on your system's CPU and RAM so that there is no need to invest in a high end video card to get quality renders.

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