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And because it took a few minutes — like three Burt Bacharach songs long — for the breakers to recharge, there was little more than emergency lighting.For such a petite gal, Kristin Chenoweth packs quite a punch. And this weekend, we can reconnect with the sassy chanteuse as Chenoweth performs Saturday at the Smart Financial Centre at Sugar Land.At the reception there was plenty of dancing with the music list including "everything from Michael Bublé and Steve Tyrell, to Seventies classics, to current hits, with a big dash of romance thrown in".

According to Roz Pactor, Tyrell's sister, Standish explained that the breakers for the stage lights for some reason flipped off.

"About a year after that, [James, Thomas and I] all became friends with Elvis and he did it." OLIVIA FLORES ALVAREZ Night of Neuralgia — Friday, January 20 — Fine Art Complex 1101 in Tempe In light of the recent election, female Noise artists are coming together to perform a special show in solidarity for women’s rights on Inauguration Day.

Nasty Women Night of Neuralgia #4 is fourth in a series of experimental music and noise nights that began back in September in Phoenix.

(Its made up of classic R&B songs from the early 1960s.) "I had wanted 16," he says. It isn't hard to find songs to record; the problem is deciding what to leave out." Music from That Lovin' Feeling is at the center of Tyrell's latest tour, which swings through the MIM this weekend, and each song has a little something personal about it, a connection between Tyrell and the songwriter or original singer. went through so much together back in the day." There's also "Hound Dog," a nod to Presley, one of Tyrell's friends.

"You can't just do a whole bunch of songs; you have to have some reason for doing them." Along with the title track, there's "Good Good Lovin'," "Chapel of Love" and "Rock and Roll Lullaby." B. Thomas, who first made "Lullaby" famous, joins him on the track. Among Presley's biggest hits was "Suspicious Minds," a tune by Mark James that Thomas had recorded on one of his earliest albums.

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You mentioned back then that you’d always wanted to do a live album. How does it feel to have that accomplishment checked off from your bucket list?

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