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Hi all, I'm not able to update my library at all in xbmc, in fact it never worked over the past few days that i'm playing with it.I always thought it was an issue with sickbeard as I have it installed as well but when looking at it today it seems that xbmc doesn't even update my library. Over the past few days I've reinstalled xbmc several times on a clean Windows installation.At the moment I only have AEON MQ2 skin installed but for now reverted back to the default one. When i give xbmc the commend 'scan for new content' or 'update library' it doesn't do anything, i see in a blink of an eye a small window popping it but it goes real fast.

I have a large library (6tb) that's connected via SMB and I have enabled the scan for new files on startup.If you are playing an audio or video file when the timer starts it can skip the library update process until it is completed so that you're media experience is not interrupted.Updating a specific Video Path, and Cleaning the Music/Video libraries is now supported Addons or Addons Super Repo does not maintain XBMC Library Auto Update.I use the scheduler and have it scan in the middle of the night.Disable the Scan at Startup option and use either a Library Watchdog or Scheduler add-on.

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If you have the XBMC installed in "C:\Program Files," you will have to right click on the XBMC icon and select "Run as Administrator" from the submenu to run the program properly. Xbox-Hq.iso" file located in the XBMC file you downloaded.

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